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Open all What benefits does your web directory provide?

Google already finds and indexes my website. Why should I include my website description in your directory?

Here are four major reasons to do so:
  1. is an excellent search engine. However, it is just an automated system. During the indexing process, Google's computers (not you!) decide what text from your website should be presented to users. And this text is not necessarily what you want to display to your potential clients.

    In our web directory, YOU decide what to show to people. You write the text for your future visitors and clients. You define the text layout and other presentation features. The web directory is no substitution for a search engine, but it certainly compliments it nicely.
  2. Rich content: In addition to plain text, you can also display graphics, photos, colors, animation, and even movies/videos, telling your prospective visitors or clients about your website and/or business.

    And do not forget, the colorful website descriptions posted on are also indexed by Google!
  3. Instant control: You have instant control over what your prospective visitors see. If you need to, you can modify your website description at any time, replace pictures/photos, display a different video/movie, or any other changes you might consider. You do not need to wait for the next time Google indexes your website for your changes to be visible. Your updates are immediately visible on our website as soon as you press the "Save" button.
  4. Statistics: We keep track of (and present to you on the "Manage" page) statistics of how many people viewed your website description via our directory and how many of them clicked the link to visit your website. This information can be advantages when it comes to promoting your website.

How long will you review my website before it appears in your directory?

On there is no waiting time at all! As soon as you submit your website description into our web directory, your website description becomes available to people who are looking for your services and information. (Please note we reserve the right to review the description of your website. See more details in "Terms of Service").

What if I want to modify the description, colors, fonts, pictures, or YouTube video when my description is ALREADY submitted and available to people?

This is what the "Manage" page is for! As soon as you have submitted your website description and paid for its inclusion, you will receive an automatic email containing your account name and password. This information allows you to enter the “Manage” page and modify your ads (text, colors, pictures, etc.) as much as you need. As soon as you save these changes, the new version of your advertisement will be available on the Internet. You can even open two browsers at once and use one for editing and the other one for real-time previewing.

How much does your service cost? As you can see, our prices are more than affordable.

What makes your web directory unique?

The state-of-art technology used on our site:

How I can create a colorful description of my website with different fonts and colors?
  1. On the pages "Add" and "Manage", you will find the online text editor. Click the "New Page" or "Template" image on the toolbar of the online editor.

  2. Enter your text just like you would in Microsoft Word or any other word processor.
    You can select the fonts, colors, and size of text as well as being able to set the text to be bold, underlined, italicized, etc. Just highlight the entered text and select the format you wish to apply. You can add special characters (like © or €), add smiles, and use tables, bullets, etc. You can also align your text to the left, right, center, or make it fully justified; highlight specific rows or words; and do many other things.

  3. Select the background color of your advertisement.
    On the right side of the online text editor, you will find a color wheel. Simply click the color on the wheel that you wish to use as the background. If you need to make fine adjustments to the color, then use the square located within the color wheel.
  4. Click the "Preview" button.

How I can add picture(s) to my description?
  1. Locate the picture you wish to add into your description on the Internet, right click on it and select "Copy Image Location".

    (In Microsoft Internet Explorer, right-click the image, go to "Properties", and copy the address from the "Address (URL)" line. In Google Chrome, right-click the image and use the "Copy Image URL" menu item.)

  2. Click the image button on the online text editor toolbar and paste into the "URL" field the Internet address copied in Step 1.

    Important: Do not paste the picture directly to editor. Only the picture's address will be accepted, not the picture itself.
  3. If you do not have your own pictures posted on the Internet, then there are many free collections of pictures that you may want to explore. See or as examples.

    (Please read and follow the instructions of the websites from which you get images, since free images often require the inclusion of a reference to the source website and/or author. You can easily add such a reference at the bottom of your advertisement using the small font of our Text Editor.)

How I can add animated images to my website description?

You can add animated images the same way you add static images.
  1. Select the animated image on the Internet,
  2. right-click on it,
  3. select "Copy Image Location",
  4. click the image button on the provided online text editor toolbar
  5. paste the text from your clipboard into the "URL" field of the "Image Properties" tab.

Again, there are many free collections of animated images on the Internet that you may want to explore. See, for example, or

How can I select the background color of my advertisement?

On the right side of the online text editor, you will find a color wheel. Simply click the color on the wheel that you want to use as a background. If you need to make fine adjustments to the color, then use the square located within the color wheel.

How I can include a YouTube video in my website description?

First, prepare and post your movie on After you have finished, copy the video address and paste it into the box "YouTube video address".

and paste it into the box "YouTube video address".

It is very simple.

How can I place my website directly into the advertisement?

Simply check the box "Display my live website in the description" located below the online editor.

Will I be able to review my website description with all the colors, pictures, etc. before I pay for it?

Yes. When you press the "Add website/web page" button on the "Add" page, you will be able to preview your website description before you make your payment. If you are not 100% satisfied, then you will be able to go back and edit your website description.

Remember, by using the "Manage" page, you will also be able to edit your description even AFTER you have paid for its inclusion.

What is the sort order in your directory?

The sort order depends on the amount you have paid. The $1/year guarantees the presentation of your description in our directory. However, if a person voluntarily pays $2 for his/her entry, then their description will be shown at a higher position. The descriptions with the same paid amounts are sorted alphabetically by subject and website name.

How long will my advertisement stay on your website?

All fees are paid annually. This means, a payment of $1 guarantees the presence of your item in our web directory for 1 year from the moment you have submitted it.

What kinds of websites do you accept?

Practically any kind of website can be posted in our web directory. We have more than 3,000 categories in our classifications. For a list of what we do NOT accept, please see the next item.

What you do not accept in your web directory?
  1. We do not accept websites promoting hatred, racism, supremacy of any kind, or any unlawful activities.
  2. Nudity or sexually-oriented text is allowed only in the adult sections "Society/Sexuality" and "Shopping/Sex".
  3. Currently, we accept only descriptions written in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, and Italian.
  4. We reserve the right to remove any advertisement that we feel can damage our reputation. In this case, we will refund your money. However, if the same or similar advertisement is posted again, then we reserve the right to remove said advertisement without any refund.

Do you guarantee the position of my website in your list?

No. Position depends on the amount you have paid. The $1/year guarantees the presentation of your description in our directory. However, if anyone voluntarily pays $2 for his/her advertisement, then that advertisement will be shown higher up.

The ads with the same paid amounts are sorted alphabetically.

Since the colorful HTML ads cost more than plain textual descriptions ($5/year vs. $1/year), they are automatically placed above the plain text ads. Similarly, since the ads with YouTube videos cost more than the colorful HTML ads ($10/year vs. $5/year), they are automatically placed at the top.

Do you accept adult-oriented websites in your web directory?

Yes, we do. However, they MUST be placed in the "Society/Sexuality" or "Shopping/Sex" group only.

Entries for adult-oriented websites are more expensive. The current prices are $5/year for plain-text descriptions; $25/year for HTML description with various colors, pictures, and animation; and $50/year for YouTube videos describing your adult-oriented website or business.

Very important: Please place adult-oriented websites ONLY into the "Society/Sexuality" or "Shopping/Sex" group. We will remove your advertisement from any other group and if such an incident occurs a second time, then the account of the violator will be banned without any refund.

What payment options do you have?

What is your refund policy?

You have one week after your advertisement has been posted to request a 100% refund. If a refund is requested, it will be granted within 24 hours.

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